OppSource: Modernizing B2B Sales Engagement

Mark Galloway, Co-founder & CEO Mark Galloway, a serial entrepreneur curious about even the smallest details of the sales process, is flipping the script of sales prospecting for B2B organizations worldwide. He and OppSource, the company he helped co-found, believe the way to achieve this flip is by re-engineering the sales processes, breaking away from today’s “all-in-one” salesperson model in favor of a “revenue supply chain” approach that features specialized functions and roles, and the ultimate sales prospecting and lead machine.

OppSource’s journey began in 2008, when the financial crisis started pushing businesses into chaos. “Some of our customers asked if they could outsource their lead generation and sales development functions to us, as they had to lay off many of their employees who had previously performed those functions,” explains Galloway. “We seized the opportunity.”

While lending a helping hand to these customers and stabilizing their sales departments, Galloway and his OppSource co-founders—Dan Metzger and Damon Lawson—identified the need for a new kind of software to fully support B2B sales prospecting teams. Pulled by the gravity of the need, OppSource incubated the development of what would become the OppSource Sales Development Platform. By developing and piloting this all-purpose platform with large-scale sales development teams at its own live-user laboratory, OppSource gained insights into specific use-case requirements, requirements that enabled the company to develop its platform with incredibly rich and broad functionality.

Now, that platform, which began in response to the financial crisis is now OppSource’s most valuable weapon, helping sales development reps (SDRs) organize their days, engage their prospects and automate their outreach plans.

Reaching Prospects in a Measurable Way

“Many aspects of the sales function have been re-engineered over the past decades,” says Galloway. This was especially true during the last decade when slow economic growth prompted companies and their sales teams to focus on selling more to their existing customers rather than acquiring new ones. In the process, many companies went off-track, forgetting the importance of prospecting for new customers. Later, when the economy began to improve, everyone wanted their fair share of the growth. Unfortunately, companies of all sizes and shapes in all industries had to learn from scratch how to effectively prospect for new customers. They also were hit with a significant revelation: today’s buyers are much different than those from a decade ago. As a result, sales process and models that used to work no longer are effective. Put simply, they’ve reached the end of their usefulness.
OppSource has built its solutions to support and enable new ways of engaging buyers by re-engineering their sales processes away from the “all-in-one” salesperson model to incorporate a revenue-based, supply chain approach that uses specialized functions to pre-assemble sales opportunities. A primary focus of this model is sales development, which is responsible for top-of-the-funnel lead generation, follow-up, pursuit and qualification. Architected as an account-centric model, the OppSource solution has the rich functionality needed to support today’s ever-popular, account-based marketing and sales development approaches. The solution automates and organizes each SDR’s day while giving them the flexibility to create their own sales development campaigns. The solution also enables SDRs to deliver account-based, sales-ready opportunities that quota sales teams actually want to pursue. “Our mission—to modernize B2B sales engagement—is laser-focused on the giant transformation taking place in sales worldwide,” says Galloway.

Architected as an account-centric model, the OppSource solution has the rich functionality needed to support today’s ever-popular, account-based marketing and sales development approaches

The OppSource platform, a rainmaker in the B2B modernization phase, features a dashboard that structures the SDR’s day around the highest-priority prospects. The platform’s “moment-of-interest” alerts notify SDRs the moment a prospect opens an email or clicks on digital content. Simultaneously, the solution’s automated TouchPlans, a sales efficiency workflow tool, orchestrates the multiple touch points (calls, voicemails, emails, social media messages, etc.) required for SDRs to persevere and engage with their prospects. TouchPlans automatically define—across large volumes of leads and all SDR team members—what the exact next touch point in the sales process should be. These features allow managers of larger SDR teams to quickly and easily reassign leads and associated lead TouchPlans and workflows. Further, to optimize SDR and TouchPlan performance, SDR managers can lean on the platform’s reporting and analytics capabilities. What’s more, the OppSource platform can easily be integrated with popular B2B CRM and marketing automation platforms, including Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Eloqua, Hubspot and Marketo. “We have an extensive RestAPI layer that enables our platform to integrate with almost any cloud-based solution that has exposed APIs,” says Galloway.

Striking the Right Chord at the Right Moment

“We continually receive feedback that our solution is developed for the way SDRs actually have to work,” says Galloway. “Think of it as built by SDRs for SDRs.”
In one of many successful client engagements, OppSource greatly increased the productivity of an organization’s entire new business development team. The client had been tangled in the complexity of its existing power-dialer product, which did not work well for their multi-contact, account-based sales development efforts. “We helped them implement the OppSource platform and the new TouchPlan process model, which improved their new qualified prospect pipeline by a dramatic 200 percent in the first 120 days,” says Galloway.

OppSource has expertise in offering enterprise-level support packages, which in turn provides in-depth and personalized enterprise-grade support. The company has cataloged several best practices, all of which are used to help customers configure their OppSource solution. “We typically engage in at least one—and often multiple—discovery discussions to help clients understand how our solution fits into their preferred sales prospecting and lead development workflows,” says Galloway. Also, to extend user convenience, OppSource offers a comprehensive online knowledge base aligned with how both SDRs and their managers use the software.

Galloping with a Well-Trained Squad

Galloway says his biggest contribution to OppSource’s journey is the ever-growing team of highly talented people he has helped develop. The company instills a “get a customer and keep them for life” mindset among employees, starting with the recruiting and hiring and extending through ongoing employee development. “It would have been difficult, if not impossible, to build this business and platform without the help of my two very capable and experienced co-founders,” says Galloway. “When supported by them, other trusted advisors and our dedicated employees, all of whom believe in our vision and mission, it’s much easier to break through the inevitable obstacles.”

"We continually receive feedback that our solution is developed for the way SDRs actually have to work"

OppSource’s “can-do” approach and positive attitude have served the company well and created a very resilient and solution-oriented culture built on the knowledge that when OppSource takes care of its customers, everything else falls into place.

OppSource recently completed its first round of venture funding and is all set to expand its sales, marketing, customer support and software development teams. “Our footprints are deeply imprinted in the U.S., and now we are ramping up deals in Europe and the Middle East,” says Galloway.

With growing demand for SaaS software that can facilitate re-engineering of the B2B sales process, OppSource is bringing a whole new response-based user interface to its product. The company is also fueling its reporting and analytics capabilities with predictive metrics that will provide managers and senior sales leadership with insights into the amount of effort required to build a pipeline to drive expected sales numbers. “The last bastion of corporate re-engineering is the sales process, which for decades has been built around the ‘all-in-one’ sales professional. We are now evolving and changing the dynamics of sales professionals to help them scale new heights,” concludes Galloway.


St. Paul, MN

Mark Galloway, Co-founder & CEO

Modernizing B2B sales engagement through its sales development software that helps SDRs organize their days and speed their outreach with automated touch plans