High Performance Sales Compensation Program for Lowest TCO

Ken Barbe, EVP Worldwide Field Operations
What drives reliable Sales Compensation Management (SCM)? Transactions and commissions reported on Excel spreadsheets or performance metrics through a tool bringing 100 percent accurate payouts and business visibility? Though the answer has been apparent for a few years, it was, a Canada-based IT firm that realized intimidating issues within SCM and subsequently knew that through technology, they could develop products to help enterprises gain an authentic view of their sales compensation calculations and analysis.

The concept was first laid during the early consulting years of when they perceived the magnitude of problem brewing in handling the deluge of sales compensation data. The sources of data collection included sales executives, external agencies, and global sales partners. This combined with ever-evolving economies, soaring expenditures, and complex compensation plans had put the SCM software development in doldrums.

Towards this end, the company offers an online compensation software program that streamlines enterprises’ sales performance management to move the needle on the company’s ROI. “Our best-in-class tool with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership empowers our customers from the sales plan setup to generating commission statements using simplified spreadsheet formulas and conditional formatting syntax,” says Ken Barbe, EVP, Worldwide Field Operations, This formatting empowers users to alter compensation plans without the need for programmers or consultants. “The simplified approach and the ease-of-use offered by our tool facilitate firms to modify their compensation strategy in alignment to their constantly changing business objectives,” explains Barbe. The tool also renders robust configuration and ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) capabilities to support data intake from multiple other systems including accounts, finance, and HR. This ensures the ability to fit within existing systems and processes, apart from transcribing right values into the system.

As a testimony of the company’s prowess, a customer in the technology services arena who wanted to automate their manual, complicated and tedious sales compensation processes approached to gain comprehensive consultation services.

The simplified approach and the ease-of-use offered by our tool facilitate firms to adjust their compensation strategy to re-align with constantly changing business objectives

The company’s active involvement and training through tutorials empowered the client to gain a streamlined flow of plan setup, payment processes and transactions. “It just took one week for our client to embrace their new compensation solution with the least subscription and service costs, and get their commission payouts back on schedule.” extols Barbe. In another case, a law firm leveraged’s services to automate its billing systems and reduce anomalies in their sales compensation payments.

The company also steps-in to handle regulatory compliance in compensation management to help clients manage intricate state laws, taxation norms, and fluctuating currency exchange rates. delivers professional consultative guidance and training to help enterprises frame compensation policy in those cases. “Besides, our online video series containing step-by-step procedures for the implementation of our compensation program tool accelerates the learning curve for our clients,” explains Barbe. also offers a jump start package for clients—Early Adopter Program—wherein they take critical and invaluable feedback on their products, services and approach to improve effectiveness of their product set. aims to expand both in terms of operations and geography. “Our aspiration for larger application footprint will reinforce our stance towards the trends of predictive analytics, CRM, and team and territory management,” affirms Barbe. This apart, the company intends to invest its potential in European countries such as Germany, besides North America. “Our constant endeavor for holistic processes enables us to develop robust systems for our client base.”


Ontario, Canada

Ken Barbe, EVP Worldwide Field Operations

Offers a pragmatic compensation software program to streamline sales performance management