Winning the Sales War
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Winning the Sales War

Amanda Kahlow, Founder & CEO, 6sense

On the Path of Implementing Modern Sales Programs

Intelligence and timing are everything to the modern B2B sales professional. Understanding the business challenges your prospect is facing and knowing the moment they enter a buying cycle gives account executives an unparalleled edge by helping them enter deals first, deliver relevant information, and define the scope of the project.

"The ability to collaborate and track impact will change the way sales and marketing work to drive growth"

Predictive intelligence not only helps arm your sales team with the information they need to win deals, but it also helps align their efforts with marketing. Using predictive insights, B2B marketing teams can identify in-market leads, ensuring that sales is spending their time and effort on accounts that are most likely to convert into paying customers. It also allows marketing to segment and target in-market accounts based on their buying stage, providing messaging support where it can make the biggest impact on accelerating the sales cycle.

The move to a data-driven model of B2B marketing and sales allows the two teams to not only align their efforts, but to finally begin speaking the same language of pipeline and revenue by putting science behind the art of marketing. Using predictive intelligence, marketing teams can put real analytics behind their marketing qualification rubrics and deliver a level of precisions in pipeline forecasting that was unattainable. The ability to collaborate and track impact will change the way sales and marketing work to drive growth.

Sales Technologies Must Be Data Driven

Much like other business functions that have reached maturity in the modern enterprise, sales teams and sales technologies must become data-driven. Sales teams leveraging data are given unprecedented visibility into prospects’ research patterns, allowing organizations to discover accounts the moment they enter the buying process and better understand the business challenges they’re trying to solve. Being the first vendor to connect with a prospect puts a company in a position of strength by earning the opportunity to educate the buyer, shape their thinking, and help define the scope of the project.

Becoming data-driven will be a different journey for every organization depending on its current analytics proficiency and its level of data access. However, whether you’re just starting out or are optimizing mature analytical processes, the shift is critical for sales teams vying to remain competitive. In the data-driven age, the most successful sales teams are implementing the predictive tools and technologies necessary to evolve beyond spray-and-pray tactics and power hyper-personalized engagement with buyers at every stage of the sales journey. Data-driven tools are key to filling the sales funnel and helping sales find more buyers, earlier and faster to truly achieve ROI with a consistent stream of prospects that are backed by data and insights.



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