Regalix: Designing Customer Journeys
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Regalix: Designing Customer Journeys

Vikas Sharan, CEO, Regalix
Vikas Sharan, CEO, Regalix

Vikas Sharan, CEO, Regalix

Acquiring new customers is just the first step of the sales process,” mentions Vikas Sharan, CEO of Regalix, as he talks about the significance of going beyond acquiring customers and retaining them. When Regalix started out as a digital agency, its mission was to help businesses onboard new customers. However, gradually the Regalix team realized that this only marked the beginning of the sales process as clients started demanding a boost in wallet share. “For every organization, it’s essential to look at this process from an ongoing engagement perspective and nurture the acquired customers to maintain a long-term association and get repeat business,” explains Sharan. Regalix works with enterprises in the hi-tech, ad-tech, and retail domains, helping them with customer acquisition, growth, and retention. Regalix assists businesses in customer onboarding, creating awareness about their products or services and maximizing the revenue.

While sophistication of technology plays a significant role in an organization’s operational efficiency, Sharan believes that innovation lies in the business model itself. “The only way to innovate with the business model is to leverage technology, people, processes to produce tangible business outcomes,” he adds. It is also essential for a business to utilize institutional knowledge to develop an understanding of the customers’ requirements, mine it using technologies such as artificial intelligence, and thereafter analyze the data obtained through this process to improve the overall sales process. Regalix has invested its time and effort in building the infrastructure that allows it to integrate all the aforementioned factors. The company has designed ShareDemos—a sales enablement platform—to increase the sales of a business and reduce their average cost per conversion. In addition, Regalix is continuously developing AI and machine learning (ML) models to interpret and understand the sales process background. Currently, the firm is developing an app for data marts to predict where the customer is, in their adoption journey.

The company has worked with leading technology giants, including Google, VMWare and NetApp, among others. Regalix extended support to Google a few years ago when the tech giant witnessed a decline in spending on Google AdWords from small and mid-sized customers. Google had problems with maximizing revenue in this customer segment, as their advertisers were unable to make optimum use of the Google product, which became a problem for the company. Regalix came in to address the problem in partnership with Google, and started looking at data analytics to understand the client’s usage patterns. It created more intelligent customer journeys vertical by vertical, customer by customer. In addition, Regalix built a predictive model to help Google track its customers in their adoption journey. While assisting Google to solve the problems at scale, Regalix also created a program that today operates across millions of customers globally and generates a significant portion of revenue from Google’s small and medium customers.

Likewise, Regalix has helped hundreds of enterprises and their customers through each step of the customer journey by spreading awareness of their products and services, assisting them with purchase, adoption, and renewals. Going ahead, Regalix will continue to innovate and marry technology, people, and processes to create tangible business outcomes. The company looks forward to expanding its global footprint, which may require Regalix to look at data differently and set up operations with a new approach, but whatever it takes, Sharan believes it to be the next step to conquer.

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