The IT World: An Ever Changing Place With Constant Innovation
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The IT World: An Ever Changing Place With Constant Innovation

Pete V. Sattler, VP-IT & CIO, International Flavors & Fragrances
Pete V. Sattler, VP-IT & CIO, International Flavors & Fragrances

Pete V. Sattler, VP-IT & CIO, International Flavors & Fragrances

Technology Trends Impacting Enterprise Business Environment
The world of IT is an ever changing place with constant innovation. How that technology gets applied to business problems is where things start to get interesting. There have been several recent technologies, driven by the consumerization of technology, that when applied to manufacturing begin to offer real benefits for the enterprise. With the ongoing advancements in mobile technologies, and the increasing relevance smart phones and tablets are playing in the enterprise as they make the transition from “toys” to “tools”, manufacturers are able to leverage these powerful mobile platforms to revolutionize the way information is captured and delivered to the shop floor.

Paper, kiosks, or clunky laptop carts are no longer the only solutions to getting information to the shop floor. Tablets and other mobile technologies not only offer the ability to provide real time information, but offer a robust delivery platform that enables businesses the ability to deliver rich multi-media information as well. For example, think about the shop floor technician that needs to adjust the production schedule driven by a rush order or inventory shortage. That information can now be delivered real time to the mobile device without chasing the production technician around the factory.

The same mobile device can easily deliver other relevant information for training or quality in a rich multimedia environment. Mobile technology can easily capture voice, video, or pictures that can be associated with the product being produced in real time and fed to other areas of the business process. Think about how rich an experience a safety or quality inspection could become with a smart mobile device and a simple and intuitive application capturing the full breadth of multimedia information – all of which can be used to improve the manufacturing environment.

Lastly, the overall benefit of mobile tools comes down to ease of use. These tools have taken off in the consumer space because they are convenient, intuitive, and engaging - all things that are not typical in today’s manufacturing applications. We have tremendous opportunities to continue to innovate in this space and apply these tools to make our manufacturing environments more real-time and more productive.

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